Is the longer the solar street lamp is on, the better?

2020-12-14 209

Is solar street lamp set to be on every night for as long as possible?

With the increasing coverage of solar street lamps in village areas, many owners expect higher brightness and longer lighting time. Is this reasonable? Let Zhongshan solar street lamp factory answer this question one by one

1. If the solar street lamp is set to be on every night for a longer time, the matching solar energy system will be larger, and the cost of all solar street lamps will be higher, which will lead to the price rise of the whole set of solar street lamps and increase the burden of village construction costs. Therefore, it is not only more economical to set the solar street lamp lighting time at night or early morning when villagers travel The cost of solar street lamp will also make the solar street lamp last longer, continue more rainy days.


2. At present, houses in many village areas are built on both sides of the road. However, the villagers are very tired after a day's hard work. They rest early at night, and some solar street lamps announce that the light can shine into the houses. If the solar street light is on for a long time, it will have an impact on the sleeping of people in the village.

3. The longer the solar street lamp is on every night, it will increase the burden, reduce the number of battery cycles, and then affect the service life of all solar street lamps.

To sum up, we think that the lighting time of solar street lamp should be set reasonably. When purchasing solar street lamps, solar street lamp manufacturers should recommend reasonable equipment according to local practice and villagers' practical needs and budget, and set reasonable lighting time according to the equipment before leaving the factory. It is considered that the solar street lights in most areas should be set at 6-8 hours in the evening, and those who go to school or work in the morning can set the morning lighting mode.

Source: solar street lamp in Zhongshan new rural area

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