What control components do solar street lamps have?

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Solar street lamp provides convenience for people to travel, and reduces energy consumption for the earth on which human beings rely for survival. It is a green energy-saving and environmental protection product. Solar street lamp has a very important component solar street lamp controller. The solar street lamp controller coordinates the operation of each component, making the whole solar photovoltaic system useful and safe operation. Then, what are the hardware components of the solar street lamp controller? Next, the technicians of Zhongshan solar street lamp factory will answer for us:

1. Power input part

The power input part includes the reverse connection protection circuit and charge discharge and power supply switching circuit which can protect the power input, battery input and solar cell input. The charge discharge and power supply switching circuit completes the switching between the mains power supply and the battery power supply, and completes the charging control and discharge control of the solar cell to the battery, and supplies power to the voltage stabilizing and short-circuit protection circuit of the output part.

2. Data collection and display control part

The data collection and display control part includes control button, LED display circuit, voltage and current collection, temperature collection, photosensitive collection and equalization circuit. The control keys include inspection key, menu selection key and parameter selection key. The test button can make the controller enter the inspection situation; the menu selection key is used to select the operation mode. Each time you press the menu selection button, the mode value will be changed once, and the corresponding parameters under the mode will also be displayed. At this moment, pressing the parameter selection button can set the working parameters under this mode; The working mode and parameters of the system are stored in the chip, which can not be lost after power failure, which makes the conditioning more convenient and the system operation more reliable.

The LED display circuit consists of five LED display and two digital tube working parameter display. Five LED light-emitting diodes are used to display the operation conditions of solar cell, battery, commercial power, load 1 and load 2. The two nixie tubes display the mode and parameters under this mode respectively when setting the parameters, and display the temperature when the parameters are not set. Voltage collection, current collection, temperature collection and photosensitive collection are used to collect the voltage, discharge current, temperature and illumination of the battery and solar cell respectively, and these signals are provided to the processor for calculation and processing. The voltage and current collection circuit is controlled by the processor, and then the equalization circuit is controlled.


3. Processor

The processor is the core of the whole system. Analyze and process the data collected by the collection module, make corresponding decisions, control charge discharge and power supply switching circuit, voltage and current collection circuit, voltage and short circuit protection circuit and soft switch, complete the charge and discharge control of battery, protection control of controller and on-off control of output load.

When the solar cell can not supply power to the load normally, the municipal power supply can automatically supply power to the load through the charge discharge and power supply switching circuit, voltage stabilizing and short circuit protection circuit and soft switch on the controller, instead of the access method of adding the mains power directly to the battery, which can reduce the damage caused by the municipal power to the battery and the municipal power supply, and can effectively reduce the power equipment of the municipal power supply. The whole switching process is soft switching, which will not impact the load and battery, and the load operation will not be affected.

4. Output part

The output part includes voltage stabilizing and short circuit protection circuit and soft switch. Under the control of the processor, the voltage stabilizing and short-circuit protection circuit is completed, the short-circuit protection and voltage stabilizing output are completed, and the soft switch is completed. The two-way output is independent on-off control.

The above is about the solar street lamp controller hardware components, it is mainly composed of power input, data collection and display control, processor, output part. The controller is equipped with buttons and display circuit, which can conveniently set the working mode and working parameters. The display circuit together can also intuitively display the working condition at that time.

Source: solar street lamp in Jiangmen New Countryside http://www.gd1q.com

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