What are the types of solar street lamps in new rural areas?

2020-12-14 352

Solar street lamp is a kind of equipment, in the process of practical selection, perhaps most people pay attention to the practical classification of these solar street lamp equipment, but from the current situation, if we want to select these solar street lamps, then we must integrate our own practice to do more research, what kind of points does the solar street lamp have Class, most people probably don't know much about it.

Induction street lamp

In the process of practical application of solar street lamps, you will find that this kind of small street lamps are still relatively more. Basically, their power is between 5 watts and 15 watts. Such a kind of lamps has relatively strong induction, and the cost performance is the same. However, many businesses will provide higher cost performance, so basically they can achieve 2 Therefore, in rural areas, they still use it very well.


Induction street lamp

Generally speaking, the induction street lamp is between 20W and 50W. The actual power configuration is relatively large and can be used in rural areas. However, if it is used in rural areas, it requires a relatively long application capacity, and even their cost is relatively low.

Conventional time controlled light controlled street lamp

When we want to choose solar street lamps, most people may also consider some out of control or light controlled street lamps. This lamp itself is a relatively popular product. Most manufacturers basically have their own ideas on the use of this lamp. Generally speaking, their indicators can only do a comparative test, which is very difficult It can be seen by the naked eye, so we need to know more about it when we choose.

Source: solar street lamp in Zhongshan New Village http://www.gd1q.com

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