What are the characteristics of solar street lamp controller?

2020-12-14 359

1. Ensure constant current output

Because the LED itself needs constant current or current limiting by technical means, otherwise the substrate can not work normally. The general method of LED lamp is usually to add a driving power supply to carry out the constant current of LED, but it needs to bring power loss, which makes the power consumption of independent driving power supply more and more, so this method is not very desirable.


2. Control output period

Solar controller can set a good time period, to set a good period of time to start output current start operation.

3. Adjustment of output power

In the application of solar street lamp, the power is adjusted. Adjusting the power can control the brightness of LED lights. For example, the street lights are adjusted to 30W in the morning and 15W in the night. In this way, the current is locked, which not only meets the lighting demand at night, but also saves all the equipment and budget of batteries and solar panels, and can greatly extend the life of LED lights.

Source: solar street lamp in Zhongshan New Village http://www.gd1q.com

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