Solar street lamp - China style

2022-05-11 381

Free wiring and 0 electricity

Lightning protection, rainproof and ultra-high brightness

Intelligent technology, permanent endurance

Product model


Light efficiency power

≈ 100W (equivalent)Incandescent lamp (brightness)

Total light flux


Lamp beads

60颗3030高光效工程Lamp beads

Color temperature


Luminous angle

90 degrees longitudinally and 160 degrees transversely

Solar panels

fifteenV 10W高效能多晶硅板

Battery capacity

12V 3000ma (36 watt hour) ternary lithium automotive power battery

Charging time

About 5 hours

control model

Optical intelligent control + microcomputer intelligent control + remote control

Waterproof grade


Lamp body material

Die cast aluminum + PC lens + stainless steel screw

Irradiation range

More than 50 square meters

Recommended installation height

3m to 4m

Recommended installation spacing

20m to 25m

Endurance in rainy days

Unlimited endurance

Accessory support type

Special paint baking support for solar energy

Installation type

Wall / light pole / electric pole

Lamp size

four hundred and twenty × one hundred and ninety × 50mm

Solar panels尺寸

two hundred and thirty-five × three hundred and fifty × 17mm

Warranty period

2 years

National unified retail price (RMB)

¥1,two hundred and eighty